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Engine Turbo Cartridge Kit

Aug 21, 2012

An engine turbocharger includes a turbine housing having wastegate passages integral therewith and a cartridge wastegate valve including a ported stationary .

Product Name:  Turbocharger cartridge
Model No: 1-CT12B

Turbocharger is an integral part of a modern diesel engine. It delivers emissions reduction, increased power density and fuel economy and with new technology can deliver engine braking, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and intake and exhaust noise reduction. WUXI SHENG YI Turbocharger. Plays a positive role in this industry.

WUXI SHENG YI Turbocharger is specialized in manufacturing turbocharger adjustor, fittings, turbine shell, air compressor shell and related fittings for diesel engine, gasoline engine. Over 90% products and parts are exported to overseas markets in North America, Australia, United Kingdom etc. Our production line monthly output for adjustors is over 900, 000pcs.